Friday, April 27, 2012

30% Increase in Sales From Years Ago



In a recovering market, local real estate company generates healthy home sales numbers

In what remains a challenging real estate market, The Kelly Hager Group continues to post strong home sales numbers in the St. Charles and St. Louis County areas.

“We are definitely bucking a trend in an industry that is still recovering,” said Kelly Hager, a licensed realtor who owns parts of two Keller Williams market centers in Chesterfield and St. Charles. “We are encouraged by our sales figures and expect to significantly grow those numbers moving forward.”

An affiliate of Keller Williams, The Kelly Hager Group sold 70 homes and generated $12.5 million in total sales during 2011. In December alone, The Kelly Hager Group sold 10 homes for $1.8 million.

“We increased our sales by 400 percent,” said Hager. “It was truly a December to remember. We exceeded our projections and went far beyond our expectations.”

Utilizing a team concept and the latest in lead generation technology, Hager said her agents have been able to consistently identify opportunities and successfully close transactions.

“We are very aggressive in hunting down business,” said Hager. “We are client driven with a businesslike approach that is unique to the market.”

Hager also credits Keller Williams for providing the ongoing training, tools and support to help her business succeed.


“Keller will teach you how to get more business and the company also gives you the autonomy to create a brand that is unique and fits your market,” said Hager. 

Because business is up, Hager has expanded from a four-person team in the beginning of 2011 to the current 15-person team, and is looking for grow further.

“We feel great about our sales numbers but being able to create more jobs is particularly gratifying,” said Hager. “We are fortunate to be in that position.”

Hager is also feeling very fortunate these days. Nearly two years ago, an illness left her hospitalized and in a coma for weeks. The exact nature of the illness was never determined but Hager has since fully recovered.

“My team really sustained the business in my absence” said Hager. “They did an amazing amount of work and volume. I am so grateful to them as well as for the clarity I gained during the whole experience.”

While Hager’s expertise is real estate, she grew up in the bookstore business. She is the daughter of Terry and Allen Mittelman, who owned the popular and very successful Library Limited Ltd. in St. Louis for over three decades.

“I definitely learned a lot about how to run a business,” she said. “They knew how to build and sustain an independent bookstore and did so with great success.”

With the economy on the upswing, interest rates at near-record lows, and first-time homebuyers triggering the local market, Hager is confident about selling more homes in 2012.

“First-time homebuyers are creating a ripple effect,” said Hager. “And we want to continue to ride that ripple and generate a wave of more business this year.”

Serving the St. Charles and St. Louis County communities since 2005, The Kelly Hager Group specializes in buying and selling homes through a team-oriented approach and exceptional customer service. An affiliate of Keller Williams, The Kelly Hager Group is a Top Selling Real Estate Experts™is one of The Top Selling Real Estate Experts™
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